Prof.Dr.Erkan REHBER Türkçe


Natural Resources and Food Economics

Activities in Abroad

  • NORAD ( Norwegian Agency for International  Development ),
           Subject: Norwegian Agriculture and Agricultural Marketing Through Cooperative
           Organizations,  Agricultural University of Norway, Dept. of Agr. Economics
           ( 1981-1982 , 11 Months), Norway.
  • DAAD ( German Academic Exchange Service),
            Subject: Agricultural Sector Analysis, Bonn University, Dept. of  Agr. Economics,
            1986 (2 Months), Germany.
  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service),
           Subject: Environmental Impact Assessment and Project Planning, Justus-Liebig
           University, Giessen, Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. of Agr. Econ.  1994
           (Two months), Germany.
  • Uludag University,  Friedrich Naumann-Stiftung,
           Subject: Development of Cooperatives, Plovdiv University, Bulgaria and  Budapest,
           Hungary, 1995 (11 Days).
  • Food Marketing Policy Center, USA, 
           Subject:  Member of an Inter-regional Project Named as NE-165 Carried on for
           The Period of 1996-2001 Under the Coordination of Connecticut University, CANRE.
  • ISSEI (The International Society for the Study of European Ideas)
           Subject: Changing agricultural structure and policies in Europe toward the twenty
           first century, Organizing a Workshop at the Conference of ISSEI held in Israel,
           16-21 1998.
  • The International Institute, Histadrut-Israel, 
           Subject (Teaching): Farm Planning and Investment Analysis,  8-16, June 1999.
            Subject: Vertical coordination in the agro-food industry and contract farming:
            a comparative study of Turkey and the USA, Food Marketing Policy Center,    
            Connecticut, USA (6 Months).     
  • Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria,
           Subject (Teaching): Farm Planning and Investment Analysis,  9-18, June 2002.
  • Ege University, Izmir, Turkey,
           Subject (Teaching): Tackling the market obstacles for the organic products,
           Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH), Short course on Marketing
           of Organic Products, 20-31 May 2002.
  • ISSEI (The International Society For the Study of European Ideas),
           Subject: Industrialization in the Agro-Food Sector and Globalization, Workshop
           chair, at the conference of ISSEI will be held in Aberystwyth, Wales 22-27 June
  • ISSEI (The International Society for the Study of European Ideas)
            Konu: Agriculture, Trade and Sustainability, Organizing a Workshop at the
           Conference of ISSEI will be held in Spain, 2-7 August, 2004


October  2007, Bursa