Prof.Dr.Erkan REHBER Türkçe


Natural Resources and Food Economics


Vertical Integration in Agriculture and Contract Farming


Top 30 Downloaded Agecon Search Papers (2001-2007)

Top 30 Downloaded Agecon Search Papers (2001-2008)



Contract Farming
Theory and Practice
ICFAI Books, The ICFA University
Press, First Edition, 2007, India, 174 s.




Vertical Coordination in the Agro-food Industry and Contract Farming: A Comparative Study of Turkey and the USA

Privatization in Agro-food Sector: The Case of Turkish Dairy Industry
HACCP System and Its Feasibility in Developing Countries: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Aproach
Prospects and Challenges for Developing Countries in Trade and Production of Organic Food and Fibers: The Case of Turkey

October  2007, Bursa