Prof.Dr.Erkan REHBER Türkçe


Natural Resources and Food Economics


Books and Book Chapters

(Publications in Turkish are not included)

  1. REHBER, E., Norwegian Agriculture and Agricultural Marketing Through Cooperative Organizations,  University of Ankara Faculty of Agriculture Publications  897, Scientific Research and Studies 529, Ankara 1984, 45 p.

  1. TUNCEL, E., E. REHBER, Goat Production Systems in Turkey; Goat Production Systems in the Mediterranean, FAO EAAP Publication No: 71, Wageningen, Netherlands 1995, p. 111-135.

  1. REHBER, E., Guidelines for the Emerging Economies: Financal Analysis of the Investment Projects, UEA (Univesity for Economic Activities), Warsaw, Poland, 1999. p. 137-150

  1. REHBER, E., Contract Farming: Theory and Practice, The ICFA University Press, First Edition, Hyderabad, India, 2007, 174 p.

  2. REHBER, E.,Economics of Organic Farming (Extended and updated), Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011



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